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Focus, scope and indexing

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This journal is a scientific publication, featuring the results of essential scientific research studies of fundamental and applied nature.

The topics (sections) of the Contributions, accepted for publication, are as follows:
  1. Environmental concerns and the state of aquatic environment
    2.    Biology and ecology of aquatic organisms
    3.    Ichthyofauna of marine and inland water bodies
    4.    Aquaculture and methods of artificial reproduction
    5.    Fisheries and processing of aquatic bioresources
    6.    Conservation and rehabilitation of aquatic ecosystems
    7.    International cooperation and collaboration
    8.    Informational messages
The Contributions of accomplished scientists, as well as young researchers (postgraduates and doctoral students, upon the recommendations of thesis advisers), are accepted for publication.

The scientific peer-reviewed journal “Aquatic Bioresources & Environment”  is indexed/referenced in:   ASFA,  E-Library.
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