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THE SCIENTIFIC PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL “AQUATIC BIORESOURCES & ENVIRONMENT” of The Azov-Black Sea Branch of Russian Federal “Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography” (“AzNIIRKH”)

 of The Azov-Black Sea Branch of Russian Federal “Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography” (“AzNIIRKH”)

The scientific peer-reviewed journal “Aquatic Bioresources & Environment” was created by the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Azov Research Institute for Fisheries” (the FSBSI “AzNIIRKH”) in 2017.

This journal is a scientific publication, featuring the results of essential scientific research studies of fundamental and applied nature.

In print since 2018
Issued quarterly
ISSN print: 2618-8147
ISSN online: 2619-1024

The topics (sections) of the Contributions, accepted for publication, are following:

1.    Environmental concerns and the state of the aquatic environment
2.    Biology and ecology of aquatic organisms
3.    Ichthyofauna of marine and inland water bodies 
4.    Aquaculture and methods of artificial reproduction
5.    Fisheries and processing of aquatic bioresources
6.    Conservation and rehabilitation of aquatic ecosystems
7.    International cooperation and collaboration
8.    Informational messages 

The articles of accomplished scientists, as well as starting researchers (postgraduates and doctoral students, upon the recommendations of thesis advisers), are accepted for publication.

Working languages of the Journal are Russian and English.

The Journal is included into the following information systems:
ASFA (Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts) – International Information System for Aquatic and Sea Studies
E-Library (web information resource serving as a framework for the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI))

The research papers, submitted to the Editorial Council, should be authentic and should not have been published before in the other journals or collections of research papers.

All articles, submitted to the Editorial Council, undergo compulsory external peer reviewing by independent experts (double-blind peer review).

For more details on the Journal “Aquatic Bioresources & Environment” and for the submission guidelines you can refer to the website of the Journal.

Contact details: 344002, Rostov-on-Don, Beregovaya St., 21v, Azov-Black Sea branch of VNIRO (“AzNIIRKH”), the Journal

E-mail: journal@azniirkh.ruinfo@azniirkh.ru.
Website:  http://journal.azniirkh.ru/